Thursday, October 19, 2017

Salon Games undergoing renovations

 The Salon is undergoing renovations.

I've regained rights to By Private Invitation, No Reservations, Over Exposed, Do Not Disturb and Strings Attached and I will be revising the books slightly for republication in February. At that time, they'll be available for purchase on all sites.

 If you've read the books, thank you! I won't be making substantial changes to the stories. However, I wanted you to know that while I'm reworking them, the first four will only be available (in their original form) in Kindle Unlimited. (Strings Attached will not be. More on that later)

They do have new covers so I wanted to show them off. And if you haven't read the series and you're in KU, now's the time to check them out.

By Private Invitation   No Reservations   Over Exposed   Do Not Disturb 

Monday, October 16, 2017


The long-awaited continuation of the Forgotten Goddesses series continues on Friday, October 27 with WHERE A GODDESS BELONGS.

No escape, no fun, no sex... What's a forgotten goddess to do?
It's been three months since Kari, an Etruscan Goddess, was kidnapped and her two hot captors have yet to lay a hand on her. She hasn't been playing hard to get. In fact, she's made it clear she'd be more than happy to pass the time more...pleasurably. Yes, Den and Jacoby may work for the Malandante, but they're not evil. They're yummy.

Den would gladly give Kari everything and anything she wants. He wants to take her up on the offer in her teasing smile, but he needs something in return. His mother is dying and he needs Kari to help him get her to the wolf shifters who would shoot Den and Jacoby on sight.

Jacoby also needs Kari's help to get his sister Emelia away from his father. Emelia has been identified as a new goddess, Kari's replacement, as a matter of fact. Jacoby will do whatever it takes to make sure his father can't corrupt Emelia. If that means defecting to the shifters, no problem. Especially if that also means he can continue to see Kari.

But even the best-laid plans can go wrong...and when Kari, Jacoby and Den need to rescue Emelia, none of them expect the fight to cost more than they're willing to pay.

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Hope to see you soon!

Monday, March 27, 2017

Check out these 99 cent sales

Only a few more days to get THE BRICK WALL for 99 cents. If you haven't checked it out yet, now's the time.
But I'm not the only one with 99 hockey romance deals. Check out these, as well.

A VALUABLE TRADE by Jaymee Jacobs

CRASHING THE NET by Samantha Wayland

HIRED by Lily Harlem

CODY by Kat Mizera


Monday, March 20, 2017

THE ENFORCER releases today!

He knows how to fight for what he wants...and he wants her.

Coming into a team in the middle of the season is never easy but veteran hockey player Will MacDonald is a tough guy. He’s not afraid to drop his gloves in defense of his teammates and he’s never met a woman who’s made his heart pound as hard as a good fight. Until he has a chance collision with a curvy brunette.
Jess Gardiner has been around hockey all her life. Her dad, an NHL scout, taught her everything he knows about the game and she believes Will is just what the young Redtails team needs. He’s just not what she needs in her life, even if he is huge, hot and hard-bodied.
Will is used to fighting for what he wants but winning Jess’s heart might be the toughest battle of his life.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

THE BRICK WALL is on sale!

~*~ 99 cents ~*~

Redtails Hockey, where love is hotter on ice
Redtails goaltender Shane Conrad had been having a great year...until recently. His slump couldn't happen at the worst time. He needs to get his head in the game, not find a woman to screw with it. Bliss Vescovi isn't looking for a commitment, especially not from an intense, driven man used to control. But a one-night stand with a hot hockey player who won't be around forever? Totally doable. When Shane gets called up, Bliss backs off. But Shane's nickname isn't Brick Wall for nothing. He won't go down without a fight because he knows, no matter where he is, Bliss belongs at his side.